About Us

Well more about me because this is a passion

Golf is a passion and we aim to share this passion

We believe if you put your mind to something with passion, determination and patience anything is possible.  Learning from best practice and roles is key though to good execution.  Just like Golf.  This is the mantra for this Online Store

What does Kindomo mean?

It is a brand and play on words. "Kind" is Dutch for child and "kodomo" is child in Japanese. Childsplay if you put your mind to it!

Kindomo is a brand

We are starting out small, with limited resources and products. But we aim to grow this brand and offer more value and services in the future.

Best Practice and role model

This is all started with giving out free copies of Ben Hogan's book - The 5 lessons. Available incidentally direct from this site

What are you trying to achieve?

Simple really. Sharing the best and simple products out there at the lowest cost so so you can have more pleasure out of the game of golf

More About Me

Well....what best describes me is ...

Derek's Trip Across Asia 2016

7 day Worldwide Shipping

We work directly with shopping sites and suppliers nd attempt to source all products with worldwide free shipping and with day delivery time frames

Best Quality

All products are personally tested and reviewed to ensure that suppliers deliver not only good quality, but also good delivery

Best Offers

Having direct links with suppliers and supliers through our website we aim to provide value not only in ease of mind but also on price.

Secure Payments

We have integrated the best payment platforms (Stripe, Paypal and Mollie) for convenience and to ensure your payment is safe and secured

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